dare i say AMAZING?

A few weeks ago I shared my affinity for “Stuff White People Like.”

Now, with a nod towards Los at ragamuffinsoul.com, I’ve been offered something that tops that.  Folks, I give you:

Stuff Christians Like

My favorites?

#9 – Comparing Braveheart to Christianity

#26 – Songs That Sound Christian But Aren’t

#28 – Rob Bell

#34 – Subtly finding out if you drink beer too

#80 – Fixing things with mo’ prayer or mo’ Bible

#115 – Kissing dating goodbye

#116 – Using “let’s pray about it” as a synonym for “no”

#125 – The mandatory youth minister goatee

There are more, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.



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why i’m exciting for a new pastor

When it was announced a few months ago that our lead pastor, Dennis, was going to be moving on and we would be getting sent a new pastor (I work in a United Methodist church), it was bittersweet. Dennis has been an extraordinary mentor and visionary that has challenged me and grown our church in a lot of different ways. At the same time, I had started to feel that a change was needed – not necessarily a new pastor, but something that would shake up a church that I felt was starting to plateau. The problem was that we didn’t have a ton of say on who replaced Dennis, and that worried me. On a scale from 1 to 10 of “how skeptical are you?”, I was about a 9 1/2.

That all changed last night. I had the opportunity to spend a couple hours with Samuel Scheffler, who will become our new lead pastor in July. Not only did he seem like a genuinely good guy who I could work well with, I was impressed by what he viewed his role to be on staff. There were a few things in particular that Pastor Sam said that made me giddy…

(1) The whole point of the church is to share Jesus Christ with people.

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. I realize that this should be standard with people – but I’ve worked enough in churches to know that this isn’t always our priority. Pastor Sam repeated this about a dozen times throughout the evening. In fact, he jumped about two levels of excitement when I told him that a kid had prayed accept Christ with my wife that same night. There’s just something about knowing that this is your pastor’s priority and passion that is reassuring.

(2) I believe in prayer.

Pastor Sam made it a point to let us know that if he didn’t agree with an idea or direction we wanted to go immediately, it was because he wasn’t doing anything without praying about it. Talk about being willing to let God lead…

(3) I will let you fail.

I like the idea of my lead pastor encouraging and enabling ideas that may or may not pan out to try and share Jesus more effectively. I don’t think the church embraces risk enough. My church likes to claim a reputation of being open to change. Being flexible is different from being risk takers, though. Pastor Sam made it clear last night that he’s willing to fall down and break a leg or two on our way to winning souls. I can get excited about this frame of mind.

(4)  I will always let you know what I expect of you.

From the second chair, it’s awfully nice knowing exactly what your leader wants and expects.  This kind of clarity will keep me from stressing out when I’m juggling different roles and unsure of what I’m supposed to be doing with my time.  I think a strong leader should always lay out his/her expectations for those under him and set the tone for that — I’m excited to know Pastor Sam agrees.

It’s going to be hard to lose Pastor Dennis as a leader and mentor – he’s the guy that brought me on to this staff and I’ve got a great deal of respect and loyalty to him.  Last night really helped me to be at ease with gaining a new leader and the direction he plans to take us.  In fact, I’m pretty excited about it…

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Gore/Obama 2008?

Obviously, this is way more than a long shot, but I could be convinced.

This is an interesting article, with a lot of valid points despite being just shy of crazy.


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HUGE announcement

I’m going to be a daddy. BETH IS PREGNANT!

We’re expecting in September. What can I say? We had some happy holidays! We’re not finding out the sex until the kid pops out, so don’t even ask, but you can take a sneak peak!



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John Legend has PRIDE

There’s really nothing I can say to set up your experience for this video.  Just watch, enjoy, and reflect on all that is good and right in your next four minutes…  

John Legend performs PRIDE (In The Name of Love)Video sent by ElectricArtists

“KING” with Tom Brokaw premieres on History™ on Sunday, April 6 at 8pm / 7C. A stirring new look at the life and legacy of the leader who changed our past and our future. http://www.history.com/king

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Anne Rice’s Easter message

I read this Monday morning and forgot to link to it.  Anne Rice was one of my favorite authors in high school for two reasons:  one, I was a nerd who liked to read about vampires and two, she was one of the best fiction writers out there.  Her story of coming (returning) to faith over the last few years is remarkable, and I just purchased her Out of Egypt book for my wife to read no more than a week ago.  Here’s what she had to say in an op-ed piece for the Washington Post. I enjoy her realism.

This was not a joyful moment for me. It wasn’t an easy moment. It was an admission that I loved and believed in God, and that my old atheism was a façade. I knew it was going to be difficult to return to the Maker, to give over my life to Him, and become a member of a huge quarreling religion that had broken into many denominations and factions and cults worldwide. But I knew that the Lord was going to help me with this return to Him. I trusted that He would help me. And that trust is what under girds my faith to this day. 

You can read the full article HERE. 

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Tim Fausnaught is a STUD!

Check out this video of my brother-in-law (a local middle school principal) prepping for a sumo wrestling fight for a school fundraiser.

You can read more about the event HERE


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